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Dream Warrior Group is an established digital agency that specializes in cutting-edge technology, creative strategy, and marketing solutions. They boast a wide variety of clients within the arts industry among other small to medium-sized businesses. Dream Warrior Group noticed the need for marketing managers in the arts industry to have more control over their content management systems which is why they came up with the solution known as ARTdynamix®.

ARTdynamix® is designed for small and medium-sized organizations as a user-friendly and cost-effective website builder. It can significantly reduce the workload of marketing managers who often wear many hats and don’t have the time to design a beautiful and functional site while allowing them to remain within their budget.

By helping marketing managers in the arts industry save time and improve client’s visibility as well as overall website engagement, ARTdynamix® empowers marketers to sell more tickets. CEO, LaMae Weber, emphasized, “We believe art deserves to be shared, showcased, and supported. This platform allows arts organizations of all sizes to build responsive, engaging websites that deliver a personalized experience.”

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